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Hot Hotter Beefer!


BEEFER is a new innovative art of grilling at 800 degree. A New York style steak at any party is now possible with BEEFER. This sensation on the grill market has already inspired the renowned top chefs Tim Mälzer, Stefan Marquard, Björn Freitag and Ali Güngörmüs.

The founder of the BEEFER start-up company, Frank Hecker and lecturer of the course International Media Planning & Campaigning Strategies, Johannes C. Röhr,  briefed our master’s students of the International Brand Communication course for their seminar paper assignment.

Our students within the practice project have a chance to support the further expansion of the brand BEEFER in international markets. Each student will develop strategic thoughts on introducing the BEEFER brand to the market in one of these countries Australia, France, Netherlands, Spain, Scandinavia, U.K. and U.S.A.

A real international brand challenge for our students!

How to grill with BEEFER and what can be grilled with BEEFER explains the special BEEFER Book, which was kindly presented to each student of the project by the founder personally.

Modul | International Media Planning & Campaigning Strategies
Johannes C. Röhr
Semester | 3. Semester