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Beiersdorf and Brand University of Applied Sciences Launch Practice Project about Undisclosed Brand

When brand names such as NIVEA, Labello, tesa, La Prairie etc. start dropping you suddenly realize Beiersdorf has been a cherished part of your life (and especially your household) for a long time.

Indeed, the Hamburg-based global player has made good use of its 135 year history by building brands that matter and endure. NIVEA, in particular, has managed to become associated with care, trust, belonging to a family and feeling good in your skin.

Beiersdorf IBC Brand Academy

Now that Beiersdorf and Brand University of Applied Sciences have partnered up for a new Practice Project, our International Brand Communication Master’s students will work on a real brand project as part of their 2nd semester module “Consumer Psychology & Insights“, supervised by Prof. Dr. Yonca Limon-Calisan. Our master students will be analysing a Beiersdorf brand and conducting consumer research until the end of May, before presenting their findings and recommendations to the company.

The brand they are working on remains undisclosed to the public, but was introduced to the students during the official kick-off meeting, which took place at Brand University of Applied Sciences on April 11. As a special welcoming gift, the Beiersdorf representatives brought a selection of products – for home use, presumably, as rumor has it, they have already become pretty popular on campus, too!

To add some extra spice, our students are divided into 3 competing groups. The members of the winning group will be scrutinized further by Beiersdorf because only one of them will receive a wild card for the 4th edition of the International Internship Challenge on September 18-19th 2017. Beiersdorf invites 32 students to Hamburg Headquarters for a 2-day event and 4 out of them win a 3-month internship. And not just any internship: The winners are sent to one of Beiersdorf’s 150 affiliates outside of Germany – all expenses paid and salary on top!

For everyone else who is interested in participating: Applications for the event can be submitted as of mid of May via http://www.beiersdorf.com/career/students-and-graduates/international-internship-challenge

Module | Consumer Psychology & Insights
Lecturer | Prof. Dr. Yonca Limon-Calisan
Semester | 2