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Meta Design Beijing

Meta Design is an international design consultancy known for branding and brand strategy.
The brand agency is represented in Beijing, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Geneva, San Francisco and Zurich. MetaDesign Beijing provided a fictive communication brief focusing on the luxury automotive sector.

The objective was to grow the brand and market share in China. Using insights from Chinese brand culture, students provided a strategic point of view on how the brand could be activated to connect to its target group. Together with the instructor and the project partner, Sally Anderson – the Creative Director at MetaDesign Beijing, our International Brand Communication master students delivered the following documents:

  • A full audit of the current brand communications for the luxury car brand in China, including an analysis of brand elements such as imagery, tone of voice and primary communication channels.
  • A full audit report of relevant competitor brand communications in the Chinese market.
  • Identification of opportunities for the luxury car brand to deliver differentiation.
  • Strategic brand activation/communication ideas for the luxury car brand in China which appeal to their target audience.

„This project required an understanding of the global luxury car brand and how the brand could be localized and activated to appeal to its target audience in China“ said Sally Anderson. She further pointed out that „Overall though, the idea is strong and they did quite well in trying to bring together social media behavior and following, with brand heritage, contemporary culture of celebrities with travel and the experience of driving as it ultimately culminates at the heart of the brand’s factory and museum. The link to the brand is quite strong.“
Also the second group did come up with great ideas. Sally: „It was great that this idea centered around creating the experience of Porsche through different environments. It’s an area where the automotive brands are looking to expand to become more relevant, showcase their technology and ensure that dealerships are more innovative.“

Modul | Brand Agency Simulation Game
Lecturer |
Prof. Dr. Yonca Limon-Calisan
Semester | 3. Semester