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Globetrotter GmbH is the largest German outdoor retailer.
It was founded in Hamburg in 1979 as a first northern German special store for expeditions, safaris and trekking. The founders were the survival experts Klaus Denart and Peter Lechhart. Based on their extensive experience, Globetrotter rapidly established itself as a leading store for active outdoor travelling.
In December 2014 Globetrotter GmbH and the companies Naturkompaniet (Sweden), Partioaitta (Finland) merged together and created the new Frilufts AB group – one of largest outdoor retail groups in Europe.

As a part of a project work within the 3. Semester, our International Brand Communication master students worked in a joint cooperation with the German outdoor brand GLOBETROTTER.
Within the framework of this project the students had to work on a real life problem being aware of a brand-specific problem. Together with the instructor and the project partner our students had a task to work out the communication and brand strategy within a supporting seminar.

The first step of the project was an excursion to the GLOBETROTTER store in Hamburg, Barmbek, in November 2015. The goal of this visit was to get a better understanding about the values and benefits of GLOBETROTTER and the brands, sold within the company, as well as to find out more about the general outdoor market.

Within this cooperation, initial international brand solutions, ideas and concepts had to be worked out. To come up with an international strategy and communication concept, a lot of research was done and many discussions took place. The results of the work were successfully presented to the project partner in February 2016.

The final conclusions and recommendations will be an important part for the further work and brand communication of the project partner in the international market.





Modul | Project work
Andrea Kelb
Semester | 3. Semester