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It was a practice project with Sasol Wax on a marekting concept development for a new brand in the international B2B market.
During a period of four months the students developed a marketing concept for a new produkt of the company.

The marketing concept consisted of:

  • Target group definition and need description
  • Comtetitor analysis defining points of difference and common features
  • Definition of benefits, reason to believe and USP
  • An integrated communication plan

In order to develop a better undestanding for the target group, a qualitative reaserch consisting of in depth interviews were conducted.

The project was successfully presented in front of the sales and marketing department of Sasol Wax.
The students‘ marketing knowledge and professionalism contributed to a highly interesting presentation.
The framework the students used while developing the marketing concept gave a solid structure to the future work of Sasol Wax.

The students also gave inspiration and new ideas for a successful launch of the new product of Sasol Wax.

Elective Modul | B2B Brands
Lecturer | Cecilia Arvidson-Schnoor
| 3. Semester