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They say you can tell if a photo has been taken with a Leica. We will never know for sure whether that’s true or not, but one thing we do know for certain: The world of cameras changed when Oscar Barnack created two iconic prototypes, the so-called Ur-Leicas, in 1914.

Over time, Leica became synonymous with quality and authenticity. It’s almost as if every German has a father or grandfather who loves to reminisce about his excursions with his beloved and reliable Leica. Hence Leica will forever be entangled with family histories and fond memories.

The question is: Do the young people of today feel the magic, too – no matter where they are originally from?

Our 2nd semester Master’s students in International Brand Management had the chance to find out first hand. Following a kind invitation to kick-off the new joint Practice Project at Leica’s HQ, they made their way to Wetzlar  on April 26 and spent half of April 27 onsite. After a stunning and expertly guided 360 degree brand experience tour that included (among other things) the lighthouse installation and production site, everyone settled down for a briefing by the Head of Global Marketing and a subsequent discussion.

Afterward it was time for everyone’s individual Leica experience – in front AND behind a Model S. Even though none of our students ever had a Leica in hands before, they just… clicked… and came out of the experience as believers in the magic of the brand.

Needless to say, now everyone is eager to tackle the project task set by Leica. Find out more about the project in upcoming news!


Module | Luxury Brands
Lecturer | Prof. Dr. Simone Roth
Semester | 2. Semester