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This semester’s practical project with Beiersdorf was all about young women of today. What appeals to them? What do they want? What kind of care products are they passionate about? These were the questions our International Brand Management and International Brand Communication Master students dealt with under the direction of Dr. Thomas Suwelack.

The renowned body care manufacturer based in Hamburg is internationally known for brands such as NIVEA, Labello and Hansaplast. The company has already worked with Brand Academy students on practical projects in the past.

Praxisprojekt Beiersdorf

Beiersdorf had once again thought about an exciting project for this semester. The assignment: to develop a skin care brand for female millennials.

Three teams were motivated and full of ideas. Everything had to be thought of. From the strategic derivation to the brand name and a visualization of the design to target group-specific communication channels.

Praxisprojekt Beiersdorf

The result: Three completely different approaches. Whether natural, with a message or for travelling, each brand was the result of elaborate and detailed analyses and was therefore convincing.

The final presentation on site at Beiersdorf gave the customer the opportunity to choose a winning idea in order to reward outstanding performance.

Praxisprojekt Beiersdorf

„This year again, the cooperation with the students of the Brand University of Applied Sciences was a lot of fun. The ideas presented were really exciting and gave interesting impulses for thought“, says Anna Puttinger, New Business Manager.

We would like to thank Beiersdorf for once again giving our students the opportunity this semester to gain valuable experience for their careers through practical cooperation.

Modul | Elective Module & Project Work / Niche Brands
Leitung | Dr. Thomas Suwelack
Semester | 2nd Semester IBM & IBC