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BU Team

Sven Christiansen

Prof. Dr. Sven Christiansen
Statistics and Forecasting Methods

  • 13 years of business experience in finance and statistics as managing director at the Institute of Quantitative Financial Analysis (Kiel, Germany)
  • Responsible for a wide range of projects in the field of applied statistics such as Data management, Market research, Model- and software-based decision making, Risk management, Optimisation, Liquidity and Debt management, Empirical market analysis, Forecasting
  • Teaching experience in Quantitative Methods, descriptive and inferential statistics at the University of Kiel and Munich
  • Member of the academic staff of Prof. Stefan Mittnik, PhD. at the University Kiel, Federal Republic of Germany
  • Member of the Society for Financial and Insurance Econometrics, Munich
  • Scientific experience in the field of empirical financial analysis