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BU Team

Michael Kress
Course Director Brand Strategy M.A.
Audiovisual Branding, Semiotics and Visual Aesthetics

  • artists and exhibition curator  with the focus on the concept- and video art,
  • study and academic assistance at the HfbK Hamburg by Prof. B. J. Blume,
  • over 14 years of  teaching experience lecturer for AV-Medien, creative techniques, graduation coaching,
  • diverse exhibitions at home and abroad, i.a. Adore – Artists are Fans/Fans are Artists, Yokohama, Japan 2014, Konversationskunst, ZKM – Center of Arts and Mediatechnology Karlsruhe 2010,
  • initiator and manager of different international projects in arts and culture Hyper Cultural Passengers
  • i.a. Advisory Board Stiftung Sozialwerk of VG BILD-KUNST Bonn, Member of the Board Deutsche Künstlerbund Berlin, Member of the Board Künstlerhaus Hamburg e.V., Jury Member at the Drostei Kulturpreis, Pinneberg, Member of the Board at IGBK/ IAA-Unesco