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Spotlight On: Ritika Sharma – Brand Innovation Alumna

Ritika Sharma Graduation March 2022 Study Course Brand Innovation M.A. Title of Thesis Green Consumerism in the footwear industry LinkedIn Hi Ritika, what have you been doing since graduating? I am working at Beeline in Cologne as a Junior merchandise planner for Fine jewelry. My partner is Old Navy in the USA. How did you join your current job at Beeline group? It has been … Continued

BU founding story: This is how Ella Göbel founded the liquor brand “Bazylia Liquor” while still studying

Hi Ella, you founded the spirits brand Bazylia Liquor in your last master's semester. How did the idea come about? The idea for Bazylia Liquor developed in conversation with friends. To be honest: I can really hold my liqour - my friends like to say it must be in my genes. And they're not entirely wrong, because my great-grandparents owned a distillery. At some point, … Continued

Graduation ceremony: Congratulations to the graduating class of 2022/2023

Finally holding their own diploma in their hands - the big day arrived for our Bachelor's and Master's graduates on Friday, March 31, 2023. In the festive ambience of the Mozartsäle, we said goodbye to our new graduates from the bachelor's programs Brand Design and Brand Management as well as from the master's program Brand Innovation. The ceremony was opened by Prof. Ute Röseler, followed … Continued

BU Founding Story: The story behind the purpose-driven start-up “21done”

From university to founding a startup? That too is possible at Brand University! 21done is the best example of brand innovation with a founding spirit: Feng Xia Ang was a student of Prof. Dr. Thomas Suwelack in the Brand Innovation focus Entrepreneurship. There she designed a marketplace for services related to the well-being of pets and their owners. Already at the final presentation, Prof. Dr. … Continued

Congratulations to the first winners of the ABOUT YOU scholarship!

Emily Perks and Nik-Anton Nagel from the 5th semester Brand Management are the first winners of the ABOUT YOU scholarship! The two students succeeded in two rounds against the competition. Out of 18 applications received, ABOUT YOU invited ten applicants to the ABOUT YOU Day, where participants were briefed on developing a campaign including budget calculation. Emily and Nik convinced the jury with their cases … Continued

Brand Design students take first place at Bettermakers Film Festival

Our two brand design students Athanasios "Saki" Daniilidis and Jonas Happ took first place in the category "18 to 25 years" at the Bettermakers Film Festival with their film "Reality Relativity"! The short film was made in the summer semester in the "Audiovisual Branding" module with Holger Roschlaub on the topic "Fake - What is actually real?". Jonas Happ explains: "We turned the topic completely … Continued

Brand University appoints Dr. Anne Kranzbühler as Professor for Customer Experience

A new addition to the team of Brand University professors! Anne Kranzbühler is the new face in the conception and teaching of our digital degree programs as the program director for the online bachelor's degree in marketing and communication. With the professorship for "Customer Experience" she strengthens our scientific expertise in the central topic of digital marketing: the brand experience of customers at the numerous … Continued

New cooperation with the German Design Council

Brand University is pleased to announce its new collaboration with the German Design Council. The German Design Council acts as a leading global competence center for communication and knowledge transfer in the field of design, brands and innovation. Its members are well-known companies, institutions and individuals. It offers them a forum for cross-industry knowledge transfer and ensures competitive advantages for its members. Brand University and … Continued

Guest Lecture Review: 5 Questions for Jürgen Alker, Highsnobiety

Jürgen Alker is a consultant and an expert when it comes to questions around Web 3.0, NFTs and the Metaverse. He has been involved with "Crypto" since 2013 and has recently become Head of NFT Studio at Highsnobiety, where he dedicates himself exclusively to these topics. In this interview, Jürgen answers five important questions from his guest lecture. Brand University: Hi Jürgen! Everybody talks about … Continued

New Book: Creating a Customer Experience-Centric Startup

It's finally here!  We congratulate Prof. Dr. Thomas Suwelack on the new publication of his book "Creating a Customer Experience-Centric Startup". We are pleased that he, together with the authors Feng Xia Ang and Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Manuel Stegemann, has created an 170-page framework, which is not only intended for startup founders, but also serves as a helpful support for already existing companies. Brand … Continued

Graduation: Ceremony of the graduating class of 2022

Finally holding their own diplomas in their hands, the big day arrived for our Bachelor's and Master's graduates on Wednesday, March 30th, 2022. In the festive ambience of the Mozartsäle, we said goodbye to our newly graduated students from the Brand Management and Brand Innovation programs and from the cooperation program with our partner university in Hangzhou. Due to the pandemic, the festivities took place … Continued

Guest Lecture Review: 5 Questions for Sascha Westermann, Hochbahn Hamburg AG

You can really hardly get around the topic of mobility. No matter if in everyday situations or when planning a vacation. The way we get from one place to another on a daily basis is one of the central aspects of our time.   And so digital transformation processes in urban transport are becoming an increasingly important topic. Sascha Westermann is very familiar with this terrain. He gave an interesting lecture … Continued

Open Space 2021

Once again this year, Prof. Ansgar Eidens and Prof. Michael Jonas kicked off the semester with a meeting of all design students at Designnexport to welcome the first-year students and take a look at the coming semester. The event opened with a warm welcome from the Head of Designexport, Frances Uckermann. Afterwards, the professors presented the news for the semester and gave space to talk … Continued

Welcome on Campus – Start of Winter Semester 2021/22

It is time again to welcome all freshmen joyfully and even live at Brand University. Thanks to the „3G-rule“, the first meeting of all new students could take place on site on October 4th. The exciting day began with bright sunshine and the welcoming of all newcomers. Programme Director Prof. Dr. Bongard, Prof. Dr. Eidens and Prof. Dr. Limon-Calisan gave first insights into the coming … Continued

Graduation: Ceremonial farewell to the graduating class of 2021

The graduation ceremony of the graduating class is always a great joy at Brand University, but the celebration in the summer semester of 2021 will be remembered as an extraordinary day. For a long time, it was not certain whether the 70 or so graduates would even be able to say goodbye in person and on site in view of the pandemic. All the greater … Continued