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BU Team

Steffen Kalauch
3D Composition, Brand Design, Information Design, Latin Typography, Packaging Design, System Design, UX Strategy

  • Steffen Kalauch is a communication designer with an education as a porcelain painter at the Staatliche Porzellanmanufaktur Meissen and a master’s degree in visual communication at the University of Kassel (Kunsthochschule Kassel). Today he works mainly as an art director and graphic designer for clients in the fields of business and culture.
  • “I am a representative of a very disciplined approach in design. The demand for a clarification of the content is the focus of my work. For me, design is not just finding a good form. Moreover it is my job to harmonize the content of a message with an outer shape. In this way I also feel responsible in the sense of an extended authorship of the given content.”
  • Selected clients: Bundesumweltministerium, Charité, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, European Photography, Europäische Kommission, Literarisches Colloquium Berlin