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Living and studying in Hamburg

Going to university is a time when friendships are made for life. But Hamburg is known for its reserved, hanseatic way. A monosyllabic “Moin” to say “hello” seems to be the peak of Nordic cordiality.

What newcomers find strange at first, they quickly learn to appreciate as honest, straightforward and authentic. After all, what would go better with the stiff breeze on the waterfront? Especially when you let the wind sweep through your face together with really good, new friends – the only thing that’s chilly then is the fresh beer in your hand.

So we’re not surprised that Hamburg made it to number 10 of the New York Times’ “52 places to go” in 2018, and we think the city is first and foremost a “place to stay”.

Local legend Lotto King Karl sings in his catchy soccer hymn “Hamburg, my pearl, you beautiful city…” – and you don’t have to be a fan of the local club HSV to feel what he means. The quality of life in the Hanseatic city is simply incomparable, because it never gets boring here.

Green and blue
There is a lot to discover in Hamburg and the water and nature are never far away. Whether on the Alster lake, in the city park, on the Elbe river, along the Alster canals, in the botanical garden “Planten Un Blomen” or in one of the numerous district parks – everyone will find their favorite spot in the greenery, the perfect jogging route or a water sports spot. After all, the city consists of 14% green space and has over 2,300 bridges – more than Venice!

Your Style – Your Neighborhood
From Art Nouveau neighborhoods like Eppendorf and Eimsbüttel to magnificent mansions in Blankenese and Harvestehude, Nordic red brick buildings in Barmbek and Eilbek to the clean and modern facades of HafenCity – Hamburg’s neighborhoods couldn’t be more different. So there’s something for everyone, and exploring away from your own neighborhood is always worth it.

Party? We can do that!
What would study time be without partying all night? Hamburg is famous for the Reeperbahn on St. Pauli. But the city has a lot more party options and a diverse gastronomic scene to offer. For example, in the Schanzenviertel, in the Lange Reihe or in the Grindelviertel. But sometimes the best party simply takes place in the kitchen of a fellow student.

Shopping tours for every taste
A Saturday stroll through the city also takes you past the numerous shop windows. Luxury on Neuer Wall, high street on Mönckebergstraße or individual boutiques in the city districts. Here, every style and every wallet will find what they are looking for.

The Brand University campus is small and peaceful – it has a family-like atmosphere. But all in all, more than 115,000 students are enrolled at all universities in Hamburg. So student life is spread all over the city and you are part of it.

You are free to use the infrastructure for Hamburg students at any time! For example, you can get a varied lunch in the dining halls of the Studierendenwerk Hamburg or you can live in one of the numerous student residences of the Studierendenwerk. In addition, you can use the study rooms and borrow literature from the State Library of the University of Hamburg. In your free time, you can also take advantage of the sports offered by the University Sports Center.

In addition, the city offers various networking and engagement opportunities for students in the marketing field, for example in the Marketing Club Hamburg or at MTP (Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis e.V.).

As the second largest city in Germany, Hamburg is a true cultural metropolis.

Art fans can stroll through the numerous museums, such as the Kunsthalle, the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe or the Deichtorhallen as well as various small galleries.

Music fans can enjoy concerts at the Elbphilharmonie, opera at the Staatsoper, world-famous musicals in the harbor and in summer the festival season inspires with the MS Dockville, ElbJazz and the nearby Hurricane or the Wacken Open Air.

Acting fans prefer to go to the city’s theaters – such as the Thalia Theater and the Schauspielhaus. Or they enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the art house cinemas.

You can enjoy student discounts at many cultural providers!

Big city – short distances

You can use the HVV public transportation system at any time in the entire area with your student ticket. This means that you can not only get to Brand University for seminars, but can also take trips into the surrounding area on weekends, for example to historic cities such as Lüneburg or Stade.

Are you passionate about cycling? You can get from A to B quickly in Hamburg – and hardly have to climb a hill ( let alone a mountain). If you don’t bring your own bike, you can rent a city bike at numerous locations.

If you do need a car, you can also use one of the many car-sharing providers. Or you can take a relaxed ride home in the MOIA after a night of partying.

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