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Quality management 

We apply a comprehensive quality management process consisting of various different aspects in order to guarantee a high level of quality and to ensure that the Brand University of Applied Sciences offerings are constantly improving.

This revolves around the inclusion of students, since all of our quality management activities are performed in their interest and for their benefit.

An internal department connected directly to the umbrella organisation is responsible for quality management. External supervision is provided by the City of Hamburg’s scientific and research authorities, and by means of institutional and course-related accreditation and reaccreditation.
An Advisory Board has also been established consisting of external academic, research and practical members.

The quality of the Brand University of Applied Sciences is based around the following key strategic factors:

  • Our course profiles are derived from the job descriptions of the world in which our graduates will work.
  • The objectives of these courses qualify our students in the best possible way for the demands of the world of work.
  • Our modes of teaching and learning are practically-based and application-oriented.
  • Our tutors are among the best in their fields and are experienced and competent as academics and in the practical world.
  • Our staff focus on our students and support them closely during their studies with the mutual aim of their successful graduation.

The Brand University of Applied Sciences performs regular evaluations in order to identify the potential for quality improvements in relation to our teaching events and services.

This involves surveying our current students online.
The results are discussed together with the teachers and staff involved; improvement activities are identified and put into practice.

Our university is subject to the supervisory authority called the Hamburgische Behörde für Wissenschaft und Forschung, or City of Hamburg Academic and Research Authority. The Brand University of Applied Sciences was accredited and officially recognised by the Hamburg Senate as a privately run university of applied sciences in June 2010.

All of our courses are accredited with seal of the German Accreditation Council, which means they fulfil the quality requirements of the Cultural Minister Conference and the University Council.

The Advisory Board is responsible for assisting the university’s management in fulfilling its tasks. The Advisory Board counsels the university’s management in matters of teaching and research quality, in terms of academics and practical application, and in terms of the university’s ongoing development.

Its work focuses on career area orientation, objectives and profiles of existing and future courses; curricula; study programme plausibility; quality assurance; and the long-term development of the Brand University of Applied Sciences in terms of teaching and research.

Members of Advisory Board:

Christian Köhler Markenverband e. V.

Prof. Dr. Henrik Sattler University of Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schelske 4communication – sociological consulting

Andrej Kupetz CEO Rat für Formgebung /
German Design Council