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The graduation ceremony of the graduating class is always a great pleasure at Brand University, but the celebration in the summer semester 2020 will be remembered as an extraordinary day. For a long time, it was not certain whether the about 90 graduates could even be said goodbye personally and on site. The joy was all the greater that the graduating class arrived in the … Mehr

Graduation ceremony: Brand University congratulates its graduates

A festive day at Brand University of Applied Sciences: On the 26th of September 2019, we were able to say goodbye to around 90 graduates of our Bachelor's and Master's programmes and extend a warm welcome to our new freshmen. Prof. Dr. h. c. Shan Fan opened the celebrations with a speech in which he shared with the audience which skills and attitudes lead to … Mehr
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Guest students from Ningbo at Brand Academy

On March 25th, Brand Academy welcomed the first group of guest students from Zhejiang Wanli University this year. A total of 13 students and one teacher from the Faculty of Architecture and Design came to visit. During their four-week stay with a variety of activities, the students experienced new teaching and learning methods. They were impressed by the European, humanistic and historical peculiarities of society … Mehr

Graduation ceremony: Brand Academy celebrates its graduates and freshmen

On 29th of March 2019 it was time again: Brand Academy said farewell to 17 graduates at the graduation ceremony and welcome the new Bachelor and Master students.   In addition to the speeches hold by  the President Prof. h.c. Shan Fan and the Vice President Prof. Ute Röseler, the lecturer Claudia Tobis also spoke as a representative of the teaching staff. Afterwards the graduates … Mehr

How do you feel about living and studying in Germany? 5 Chinese BU students share their views

Brand Academy is cooperating closely with reputable Chinese universities, more specifically Beijing Normal University in Zhuhai, China Academy of Art in Hangzhou and, recently, Zhejiang Wanli University in Ningbo. For some of the students incoming from China, their time at Brand Academy represents their first visit to Hamburg, Germany and/or Europe. Naturally we are curious how they feel about living and studying here. Five of … Mehr

Studying with people from different cultures – How does it feel? 8 Master’s students share their views

Students from 23 different nations have made their way to Hamburg, Germany and are currently studying at Brand Academy. We have asked a few of them… …studying with people from different cultures at Brand Academy – How does it feel? I really like studying with people from different places. For example, last week we had a workshop and for the first time we cooperated with … Mehr

What’s different about studying at Brand Academy? 6 Master’s students share their views

Students from 23 different nations have made their way to Hamburg, Germany and are currently studying at Brand Academy. We have asked a few of them… …what’s different about studying at Brand Academy? I think that the difference between BA and public universities, for instance, is that you have small classes and the teachers really make sure that you know the material and understand the … Mehr

“Ein Herz für Mexico” Charity Initiative – Interview with IBM Student & Co-Founder Kattya Cruz Ruelas

Kattya Cruz Ruelas is an International Brand Management Master’s student at Brand Academy. Confronted with the devastating earthquakes that struck her home country Mexico in late fall last year, she decided to take action and help her fellow countrymen and –women. Hi Kattya, reported by the world press - but still unnoticed by most people here in Germany - Mexico suffered from earthquakes last year. … Mehr

How to Create Strong Personalities – Brand Academy, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai and St. Mary’s University Conduct 1st Teaching & Learning Workshop

Towards the end of 2017, Brand Academy joined its partner university Beijing Normal University of Zhuhai (BNUZ), China and St. Mary’s University of Halifax, Canada for a 1st joint Teaching and Learning Workshop. In its course, they shared experiences and best practices on how to leverage the full potential and power of the university triangle from China, Canada and Germany. A passion for educating cross-cultural … Mehr

BA First Semesters Visit Senate Reception for International Students

Once a year the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg invites all foreign first semester students to a reception at the venerable Rathaus (town hall). This time around a record-breaking 520 invitations were issued. The record reflects Hamburg’s continuous internationalization, not only - but also - in the field of higher education.     At this time, Hamburg’s universities and universities of … Mehr

IBM Students Embark on a Journey to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

As part of their study module "International Politics and Law", our 3rd semester International Brand Management Master's students visited the Hamburg-based International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. Supervised by Lecturer Claudius Finkbeiner, who is also a practicing lawyer at SBL Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH and an alumnus of Brand Academy, the students managed to gain insights into the elaborate inner workings of this equally complex … Mehr

Recent IBM Master’s Graduate Speaks at Conference for Student Research

On 21st and 22nd of September 2017, the second Conference for Student Research took place at Humboldt-University in Berlin, Germany. The conference is not only bilingual and interdisciplinary, but - as the name suggests - also focused exclusively on research projects conceived and carried out by students, a format that is relatively new to Germany. The 15-minute presentations were organized in 20 different groups based … Mehr