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Congratulations to the first winners of the ABOUT YOU scholarship!

Emily Perks and Nik-Anton Nagel from the 5th semester Brand Management are the first winners of the ABOUT YOU scholarship!

The two students succeeded in two rounds against the competition. Out of 18 applications received, ABOUT YOU invited ten applicants to the ABOUT YOU Day, where participants were briefed on developing a campaign including budget calculation.

Emily and Nik convinced the jury with their cases and their understanding of branding and marketing.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Igelbrink researches the perception of the brand as well as the effect of influencer campaigns on the image of ABOUT YOU and was delighted with the students:

“It’s great how our research partner ABOUT YOU promotes the management talents of the Brand University. The assignment was a real challenge and demanded creativity, conceptual thinking and analytical skills from our students under intense deadline pressure. I am absolutely proud of the output of all applicants.”

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate not only the two winners, but also all the students who put so much passion and meticulous effort into the task and came up with imaginative solutions!

The scholarship is based on a research cooperation that has been in place with ABOUT YOU and ABOUT YOU’s Circle Lead Market Research since the winter semester of 2021/2022.