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Guest Lecture: 5 Questions to Greta Anderson, UX Designer

Greta Anderson is a freelance designer in London. Her work focuses on UI and UX design - among other things, she accompanied the beginnings of the podcast app Entale and laid the foundations for the app's design. In the interview, she shares the highlights from her guest lecture with Entale co-founder Hannah Blake. Brand University: Hello Greta! As a freelancer, you specialise in UI and [...]

ADC Award 2021 – BU students take on the role of the jury

At the beginning of May 2021, it was time again: The Art Directors Club (ADC) presented the prestigious "Nails" as awards in the annual design competition. Also present: design students from Brand University. Already last year, our students were given exclusive access to the ADC voting system so that they could slip into the role of jurors themselves. This year again, our 4th semester Brand [...]

New cooperation with Northwestern Polytechnical University

Brand University welcomes a new cooperation partner for the Master's programme Brand Innovation! Together with Northwestern Polytechnical University, we will further develop the focus on Design & Innovation in the future. The university in Xi'an, China, unites diverse faculties and research disciplines. Its focus is on the development of teaching and research in aerospace and navigation technology. The renowned Northwestern Polytechnical University is one of [...]

Distancing Design Education 2021 – 2nd Symposium on Higher Education Teaching in Times of the Corona Pandemic

The summer semester 2021 has started. New students, new seminars, same pandemic. For creative study programmes, this situation remains a special challenge. After one year since the start of the pandemic in Germany, it is clear that online education was not a brief exception - rather, the question is whether this mode will become the "new normal" in the long term. What does this mean [...]


The Year of the Ox has begun, which is a special reason to celebrate for our Chinese students. They gathered to honour the Chinese Spring Festival and – despite the pandemic – it was a great celebration via Zoom! The Spring Festival Gala was organised as part of the International Office's "PLUS Program" by student assistants and many student volunteers. Jointly, they had put together [...]

Guest Lecture: 5 Questions to Sophie Brodtkorb, Scientific Creative

Sophie Brodtkorb is a Brand Design Alumna of Brand University. After graduation, she decided to pursue a Master's degree at Goldsmiths University in London. How she managed to combine her passions for research and creativity there, and what the perception of colours has to do with it, Sophie Brodtkorb tells us in an interview. Brand University: Hi Sophie, after your Bachelor's degree in Brand Design, [...]

Guest Lecture: 5 questions to Michael Schneider, Strategy Director at Jung von Matt

Michael Schneider is Strategy Director at the international advertising agency Jung von Matt. His work gives him deep insights into different corporate cultures. In this interview, he reveals which business culture is required today and which mistakes companies should not make in the Corona pandemic. Brand University: Hi Michael, tell us, what do you do as Strategy Director at Jung von Matt? Michael Schneider: As [...]

Master Workshop „My Innovation. My Brand.“ – January 2021

On 23 and 24 January 2021, Brand University hosted the second "online edition" of the Master Workshop "My Innovation. My Brand.". International prospective students from ten different countries connected live via Zoom to explore their entrepreneurial spirit during the workshop weekend and to get first insights into the Master's programme Brand Innovation. Under the guidance of BU alumni Benjamin Lang and our independent lecturer Stefanie [...]

Guest Lecture: 5 questions to Henning Klimczak, founder of Sherpa Design

Henning Klimczak is a graduate of Design Factory International (DFI) and has owned the design agency Sherpa for seven years now. He tells us in an interview how it came about that he chose the path to self-employment shortly after graduating and what role networking played in the process. Brand University: Hello Henning, tell us about how you came to found Sherpa. Henning Klimczak: My [...]


International teaching plays a significant role at Brand University. BU lecturers regularly visit our partner universities abroad to give seminars there as well. But how does this teaching exchange work in times of Corona? Because of travel restrictions, it's a matter of getting creative. Our lecturer Betty Siegel shows how it works. She normally teaches master students from the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou [...]


Poker face or open book - what does the facial expression say about how someone feels when they look at something? The second "Open Research Day" in the Brand Research Lab of the BU revolved around this question. After Prof. Dr. Yonca Limon-Calisan and her student assistant Maria del Rocío Gil Rodriguez had given an introduction to the topic of eye tracking in the first [...]


Germany is currently experiencing an unprecedented boost in digitisation. During the corona pandemic, universities are also changing drastically the way they transmit knowledge. What has changed at Brand University over the last few months as part of that process? No one can answer this question better than Philipp Sichau, IT Infrastructure and Campus Manager at BU. Under his direction, the university is currently experiencing a [...]