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BU Founding Story: The story behind the purpose-driven start-up “21done”

From university to founding a startup? That too is possible at Brand University!

21done is the best example of brand innovation with a founding spirit:

Feng Xia Ang was a student of Prof. Dr. Thomas Suwelack in the Brand Innovation focus Entrepreneurship. There she designed a marketplace for services related to the well-being of pets and their owners.

Already at the final presentation, Prof. Dr. Suwelack asked, half in kidding, half in earnest: “So, when does “Soul Service” go live?”

Two months later, they further developed the idea together and “Soul Service” became a marketplace for personal development. With services such as coaching, creative workshops or yoga. The perfect combination of something meaningful and still a lot of “soul”.

When the two found out that 74% of Millennials are not achieving their personal goals, they knew what they had to add to their concept: Through the phrase “You become what you repeat!” they realized that habits are the key to behavior change. The idea for 21done was born!

The app is based on an innovative approach to behavior change and helps people systematically implement meaningful habits in the areas of mental and physical health, creativity, professional fulfillment, and sustainability and make them work for them.

We are very happy about the foundation of this innovative, purpose driven company and wish the founding duo all the best for the further development of the brand!