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Welcome on Campus – Start of Winter Semester 2021/22

It is time again to welcome all freshmen joyfully and even live at Brand University. Thanks to the „3G-rule“, the first meeting of all new students could take place on site on October 4th.

The exciting day began with bright sunshine and the welcoming of all newcomers. Programme Director Prof. Dr. Bongard, Prof. Dr. Eidens and Prof. Dr. Limon-Calisan gave first insights into the coming semester and a preview of the time of study.

An important question on such a day is of course… who am I studying with? Despite the mask and the distance, all students were able to introduce themselves to each other and make first contacts.

We are happy that BU is finally coming back to life and welcome all newcomers and also all higher semesters on campus again.

The winter semester 2021/22 will hold many exciting and beautiful moments in store for us!