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Bachelor student Sebastian Heine welcomes VDT Automation at Brand Academy

20 employees of VDT Automation took a seat in the lecture hall of the Brand Academy on June 14th, 2019 to learn more about their company. The occasion: Our bachelor student Sebastian Heine wrote his thesis in the Brand Management course about the family-owned medium-sized company and was able to provide the guests with exciting insights.

As an international B2B service provider, VDT Automation develops automation solutions for industry. Their references range from the modernization of the automotive industry to the programming of roller coasters.

The coincidence that a company trip took some of the colleagues from Wegberg and Espenau to Hamburg gave Sebastian Heine the chance to present his results where he is at home as a student. In the lecture hall, he presented the results of an employee survey that he had conducted during an internship at the company in the past months.

Sebastian Heine Brand Academy Sebastian Heine Brand Academy

How satisfied are employees with their employer? Where do they see potential for improvement? Does everyone feel comfortable in the working atmosphere? How well do employees know their company’s strategy? 95 percent of the employees answered these and other questions.

Valuable results for Sebastian Heine, from which he developed recommendations for the management. The goal: to create a brand with which the employees can identify and that makes the business stand out in the B2B industry. The guests were impressed and Sebastian Heine is also satisfied:

“I’m not only happy that the presentation day was successful – I’m especially glad that the Insights are the result of an exciting internship where I got to know great people. It’s a nice feeling to see that my work finds acceptance. This enabled me to create real added value for the company. The tools we are given in class also work in real life – there could not have been a better insight at the end of my studies!”

Sebastian Heine Brand Academy Sebastian Heine Brand Academy

We congratulate Sebastian on his successful thesis and wish him all the best for the future.