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Brand Academy goes Venice: Exploring Biennale di Venezia 2019

Let’s go to “Bella Italia”! On the 18th and 19th of May about 40 German and Chinese Brand Design students moved their lessons from the lecture hall to Venice, under the guidance of Prof. Ansgar Eidens and Dr. Hua Tang.

With the Biennale Arte, one of the most important exhibitions of contemporary art is currently taking place there. 79 international artists are currently on display in several exhibition areas in the lagoon city. So there is much to discover!

The aim of the excursion within the context of the module “Perception and Aesthetics”: Instead of standing in front of the beamer in the lecture room, the students should give presentations directly in the exhibitions. The focus was on experiencing different perspectives at first hand.

BA-goes-Kunstbiennale_1 BA-goes-Kunstbiennale_2

Motto of the Venice Biennale 2019: “May You Live In Interesting Times”

A review of the weekend leaves no doubt that a visit to the exhibitions could provide the students with “interesting times” full of inspiration:

“For me, this weekend was more than just an experience. I was able to develop so many inspirations and interpretations in so many different works of art. Personally, I can’t decide which artwork or which country inspired me the most, because each country was very special and individual to me”. Sophie van Looy

One of these countries, for example, is Israel. With the exhibition “Field Hospital X”, which is not only designed to look at, but also to experience social injustice. Instructions invite visitors to interact – moving and disturbing at the same time, according to the students.

The Polish exhibition “Flight”, for which the artist Roman Stańczak has turned a plane inside out, also made a lasting impression. A political and economic statement at the same time – artistically implemented down to the last detail.

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New perspectives at Biennale Arte

The students were able to sharpen each other’s eyes for the objects and concepts, especially through the intensive examination of the exhibitions and the prepared lectures:

“I find it particularly exciting to look at a work of art in a completely different way as soon as the artist’s underlying idea becomes clear. The exhibition gave me a whole new perspective on art.” Jan Pischke

The impressions of the excursion were not only surprising, but also encourage further exploration of the contents:

“I was definitely inspired by the great variety of art we were able to experience. I didn’t expect to experience so many different impressions. I (…) will keep myself informed afterwards about one or the other exhibition.” Jeremie Wigenowski

Between exhibition pavilions and Doge’s Palace

Of course, Venice is also worth a visit away from the Biennale. The participants, who visited Venice for the first time, were particularly enthusiastic about exploring the city on their own. The combination of contemporary art from all over the world and Venice as a picturesque backdrop provided a weekend full of creative impulses and travel fever.

“All in all, I simply liked the meeting of the many different countries. Art unites and creates respect. Right now (…) I find events like the Biennale, which connects countries even beyond the continents, particularly meaningful.” Amelie Meining

Got curious? You can visit the international art exhibition until 24 November 2019.

Further impressions of the trip can be found on Instagram under @brand_academy and #baontour.