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Design student Lea Lindau as speaker at the Forward Festival 2021

Every year, the Forward Festival Hamburg brings together creatives from the international design industry. This year, the analogue and digital encounters took place under the motto "Me, We - together we can". On the 1st and 2nd of July, the master classes, workshops and talks focused on the question of the significance of society - especially with a regard to our lives in the pandemic. … Mehr

Guest Lecture: 5 Questions to Greta Anderson, UX Designer

Greta Anderson is a freelance designer in London. Her work focuses on UI and UX design - among other things, she accompanied the beginnings of the podcast app Entale and laid the foundations for the app's design. In the interview, she shares the highlights from her guest lecture with Entale co-founder Hannah Blake. Brand University: Hello Greta! As a freelancer, you specialise in UI and … Mehr
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Work at Brand University of Applied Sciences

Work at Brand University of Applied Sciences As a young university which is international in its outlook and which collaborates closely with universities and companies in the Eurasian region, we can boast an exceptional culture of learning and entrepreneurship, as well as a multicultural environment. Our campus constitutes a community of students and teachers and an open, capable university team. Our daily activities with each … Mehr

Review guest lecture: 5 questions to Hannah Johnson and Ann Kristin Delplanque from Demodern

A trip to Mars, a superhero flight over the city of Ulm or becoming part of a movie. For most people this has little to do with reality. You can still experience these adventures - thanks to immersive technologies such as virtual reality. Behind such ideas are minds like Hannah Johnson, Director Interactive Storytelling, and Ann Kristin Delplanque, UX designer at Demodern. The Hamburg-based agency … Mehr

BU goes Tokyo

"Konnichiwa" was the word in December for some of our first semester Brand Design students. Under the supervision of Prof. Ansgar Eidens and Dr. Hua Tang they went on an excursion to Japan, more precisely to Tokyo. Instead of discussing theoretical aspects of artworks and creative technologies in the seminar, they moved their classes to Tokyo. There, the focus was on experiencing design at first … Mehr
Brand Academy goes Kunstbiennale

Brand Academy goes Venice: Exploring Biennale di Venezia 2019

Let's go to "Bella Italia"! On the 18th and 19th of May about 40 German and Chinese Brand Design students moved their lessons from the lecture hall to Venice, under the guidance of Prof. Ansgar Eidens and Dr. Hua Tang. With the Biennale Arte, one of the most important exhibitions of contemporary art is currently taking place there. 79 international artists are currently on display … Mehr

Review Public Guest Lecture: „Neurobranding: What people really want (from brands)“

In a world where everything revolves around user centricity and customer experience - how can a brand remain relevant and stand out from the competition? The answer sounds logical: you have to give people what they really want, recognise their wishes and fulfil their dreams. But how does that work? On May 8th, Daniel Könnecke, partner at Deloitte Digital, visited the Brand Academy for a … Mehr

BA says “Hello and Goodbye” at graduation ceremony

On Thursday, March 29th, Brand Academy sent off the first wave of 2018 graduates and warmly welcomed all fresh(wo)men starting in the summer term. In his keynote speech, BA President Prof. Dr. h.c. Shan Fan expressed the mixed emotions he typically feels on such occasions: On one hand, grateful for the enjoyable years spent together, pleased knowing that a bright future lies ahead of today's … Mehr

IBC Master’s students delight practice partner Tennis-Point against all odds

On January 24th, our International Brand Communication Master’s students were invited to hold their final presentation at the headquarters of practice partner Tennis-Point as part of their module “International Media Planning & Campaigning”. As fate would have it, the road trip turned into an adventure! While the largest part of the team suffered an existential close-quarters experience in a minibus stuck in a five-hour traffic … Mehr