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BU goes Tokyo

“Konnichiwa” was the word in December for some of our first semester Brand Design students. Under the supervision of Prof. Ansgar Eidens and Dr. Hua Tang they went on an excursion to Japan, more precisely to Tokyo.

Instead of discussing theoretical aspects of artworks and creative technologies in the seminar, they moved their classes to Tokyo. There, the focus was on experiencing design at first hand.

The metropolis is not only known for its mangas, but is also a creative hotspot in the art, fashion and design scene.

On the agenda were the city’s most important museums. Among others, the Museum of Art, the Ghibli Museum – a must see for all anime fans – and the Tokyo Museum.

“My absolute highlight was definitely the Mori Digital Art Museum, where we spent a whole day,” reports Tim Luca Eckhardt. “On 10,000 square meters, the visitor is immersed in a completely enclosed world that enchants you. You can not only take brilliant photos there, but also simply leave everyday life behind. We are already looking forward to it when the museum gets its Hamburg branch!”

Of course some typical sights were not to be missed. For example, our students visited the 2020 Winter Olympic Stadium and the famous Tokyo Tower.

Where does the journey go when the wanderlust grabs our brand designers next time? We remain curious!

More impressions from the excursion on Instagram under #buontour.