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Spotlight on: Jelena Meyer-Vicente – Best Master’s Thesis in International Brand Communication

Jelena Meyer-Vicente

Graduation Date
October 2017

Study Programme
International Brand Communication M.A.

Title of Thesis
Concepts, Potentials and Challenges of Experiental Marketing in Luxury Hotels for Business Travelers with Special Regard to Chinese Businessmen and -Women

Prof. Dr. Yonca Limon-Calisan
Betty Siegel


Current Occupation
Junior Marketing and Sales Manager with 25hours Hotel Group.

Future Plans
I’d like to be successful in my career and lead a healthy and prosper life. In the long run I see myself becoming an entrepreneur.

Looking Back at Brand Academy
Brand Academy has taught me the importance of good organization when it comes to impressing customers and yielding long term success. That aside, I was very glad my study programme included plenty of cooperations with corporate partners as well as excursions into psychology.