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The team of professors at the Brand University of Applied Sciences is gaining reinforcement: After he had already been deputy professors at the BU, Dr. Jörg Igelbrink was appointed as professor now.
We are very pleased that we could win our colleague as professor for the Brand University and welcome him again!

Professor Dr. Jörg Igelbrink

In his new position as Professor of Brand Management, Dr. Jörg Igelbrink teaches the subjects of brand management, marketing conception, innovation management and advertising psychology in the bachelor’s programme Brand Management.

He is founder and owner of the brand and marketing agency Hamburger Helden. Prior to this, he worked for Adidas as Product and Brand Manager for category tennis for many years and held further professional positions as Account Director and Licence Manager for brands such as Pierre Cardin and West (Reemtsma).

In addition, Dr. Igelbrink already has experience in teaching through his teaching activities at various universities, which he now continues as a professor at Brand University.

The focus of his doctorate at the University of the West of Scotland is based on a mixed-method design, which uses qualitative and quantitative analysis methods to gain insights.

His current book Perceived Brand Localness (Igelbrink, J., 2020, Springer/Gabler Verlag) uses this methodology to investigate the perception of local brands.

Dr. Igelbrink’s research focuses on the new possibilities of brand management before the influence of Big Data, Data Mining and Social Media Analytics. His current research in the field of AI contributes to the further development of the Artificial Intelligence Analysis Model of IBM (Watson Analytics).

“The profession of a professor is a matter of the heart for me. My years of research abroad as well as my many years of management activity at adidas have been the pathfinders for me to strike just the right note of “applied sciences” among students. My wish is to discover and develop talent in young people.

In essence, it’s all about giving young, curious people the optimal – i.e. contemporary and effective – tools with skills and abilities that will enable them to do a brilliant job as managers. To do this, they need room for creative solutions in brand management as well as an analytical understanding of the big data-driven science and business. This is what I can and want to convey. They should be proud to have studied at the BU with these skills. And, of course, to provide those who want to continue on their academic path with a clear qualitative and quantitative understanding of research”,  says Dr. Jörg Igelbrink – now Prof. Dr. Jörg Igelbrink – about his new position.