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Brand Academy and Bag To Life: New partnership takes off

Bag To Life creates bags and accessories from authentic materials used in aviation. For instance, life jackets are turned into attractive backpacks. The recycling idea involved would already make for an attractive practice project.

But not enough: Bag To Life and Brand Academy have also something in common, namely award-winning design and branding. While our student Robert Steiman secured a German Brand Award in 2016, Bag to Life did the same only one year later. And when Jannick Cheng picked up his German Design Award in 2018, Bag To Life’s own nomination was only three years old.

In other words:  Promising auspices for a high-flying partnership!

As part of the traditional practice project kickoff on the BA campus in Hamburg, the Brand Management Bachelor’s students enroled in Franziska Schmiedebach-Ullner’s module “Marketing Conception“ were briefed extensively by Bag To Life’s representatives.

The task: Developing a marketing concept for introducing Bag To Life to 3 different European markets, including product design, distribution channels and choice of communication channels. Naturally, the concept is to be based on profound analyses of market potentials, target groups and the competition.

We wish our students much success and would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to our new partner for the great opportunity to apply theory to a real-life practical task!