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Spotlight On: Dongfang Wang – Alumna International Brand Communication M.A.

Dongfang Wang

September 2020

Study Course
International Brand Communication M.A.

Title of Master’s Thesis
Consumer behavior and gender advertising: The impact of endorser’s gender on consumer’s brand attitude.

Hi Wang, what have you been doing since graduating?
Hello, I returned to China in September. I spent one month on a road trip to celebrate my graduation. During my trip, I was looking for a job, too.
Fortunately, I got some offers from different companies. But since it is hard to decide which kind of industry to join, for the time being, I chose to be a freelancer, working on brand consulting. I have been working on three projects recently, one of which is a children education brand building project, another one is a toy brand building project. Meanwhile, I am also taking part in a project of the China Academy of Arts, related to “future literacy”. I am preparing for an online exhibition in December. Thus, I still have time to decide on my future career path before those projects finish.

How did you join your current job?
At first, I didn’t set out to be a freelancer. However, I have a friend who runs a brand consulting company in Hangzhou. After I went back to China, we met several times, she invited me to join her company and be her business partner. I wanted to give it a try, so now I am working with her.

What are your responsibilities at your job?
Our clients are diverse, some need to upgrade their brand’s image, while others want to build a new brand from zero. Mainly, I am responsible for creating marketing strategies based on marketing analysis, consumer analysis, and so on.
In general, understanding clients‘ development needs, then help them develop strategic plans and solutions is my core responsibility.

What is the best thing about your job?
I would say the best part is to have a chance to get in touch with companies from different industries, which makes me feel fresh every day. My work now is fast-paced and energetic, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment to help different brands to solve their problems.

What do you think of first when you recall your time at BU?
The first thing that comes to my mind is the professional and open atmosphere at BU. It is so great to communicate with experienced professors and practitioners of the marketing industry. It shaped my knowledge and interest in the brand communication field. Meanwhile, the intercultural atmosphere at BU also impressed me a lot. I got the chance to met students and professors from various cultural backgrounds.

Why did you choose to study at BU?
I would say the master program at BU is professional, international, and practical. The first reason was that professors at BU are very experienced in the brand communication and marketing industries. Here, I could comprehensively learn professional knowledge about marketing and branding. Second, I got interested in European culture, and studying at BU brought me an international perspective. Moreover, classes at BU are combined with practice projects, which helps me integrate what I learned into practice quickly.

Did you already know before your studies what you wanted to become? How did the BU shape your career plans?
Actually, I did a bachelor in film production and direction. I didn’t think about joining the marketing industry before I went to BU. However, after two years of studies, I find myself having a great passion for brand communication. And I am also confident that I can achieve good results in this field since I have gained knowledge and project experience about brand communication. So, now I am quite sure that I want to be a brand consultant.

Which experience do you remember in particular?
I find the time I spent on my master’s thesis quite memorable. It coincided with the breakout of the virus, as I wrote it from March to July 2020. So, I had to stay home and meet my professor online. It was quite a hard time with the pressure of the pandemic on top, but I learned how to manage my time and adjust my mood. This experience made me able to learn and grow under pressure.

What do you advise students to do so that they can make the leap into their career right after their studies?
First of all, it is always a good choice to do a relevant internship, which can accumulate experience for a future career. Second, it is important to take every class seriously and to see practice projects as real cases. So after graduation, if you don’t have any internship experiences, you can show your project case to companies to prove your ability. Moreover, many students may not have a clear concept of their future direction at present. I think there is no need to feel anxious about it. Just be brave and give it a try. You will definitely find your favorite industry.

What do you have in mind for the future?
At present, I plan to be a professional brand consultant. Maybe I will work in a company as a manager, or, if I am lucky enough, I will have my own company to help Chinese brands walk into the international market. But most importantly I hope that my future career will bring me enjoyment and a sense of personal achievement.

Hamburg is for me…
I like the beautiful scenery and meaningful culture in Hamburg. I enjoyed my life in Hamburg a lot. To me it was a place to grow up in, as I have found my future career direction during the studies. It is great to build a better communication bridge between Hamburg and China, I want to help more of Hamburg’s brands to develop in China, or Chinese brands to enter Hamburg. So, If I have the chance, I would someday like to work in Hamburg again.