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Networking advice from the expert: Review of the guest lecture by Dr. Johannes Ripken, Tamanguu

“Relationships determine business success” – says Dr. Johannes Ripken.

As co-founder of Tamanguu, he runs an application that supports the process of business networking and relationship management.

In his guest lecture on “How to build strong Business Relationships with an identity-oriented Approach” on November the 6th, 2019, Dr. Johannes Ripken provided our students with valuable advice for successful networking.

Especially at the beginning of a career, the sustainable establishment of business contacts can be seen as a great challenge.

How do you do it right?

A good start is to go to networking events. Preparation is what counts. Those who inform themselves in ahead which guests are expected can make appointments in advance and research possible topics for discussion.

Similarities are the key to a sympathetic networking conversation – no matter if hometown, university, favourite football club or mutual acquaintances. A well-prepared elevator pitch, a short introduction to yourself, can also make it easier to get started.

What happens after an event? According to the expert, freshly established contacts on LinkedIn and Xing or a stack of business cards are only worth something if they are maintained. After all, sustainable networking requires regular and personal contact.

This results in new and often unexpected opportunities for business and career – because only those who stay in memory will be recommended.

We thank Dr. Johannes Ripken for the exciting lecture and the advice on the topic of business networking.