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Impact Week Receives Award – Participating BA Students are delighted

The Impact Week project “Workshop for Ideas in Developing Countries and Emerging Economies“ is one of the 100 innovative winners of the “Excellent Places in the Land of Ideas“ competition 2018. Following this year’s motto „Connecting Worlds – Strengthening Cohesion“, the project demonstrates how experimentation, curiosity and courage to rethink development aid can foster innovations in developing and threshold countries. The „Germany – Land of Ideas“ initiative and Deutsche Bank have been jointly organizing the competition for 13 years now.

Impact Week was founded in 2015. It promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in developing and threshold countries as a foundation of sustainable growth. Using the creative “design thinking “approach, students are enabled to develop their own business ideas as well as solutions to problems their respective local communities are suffering from in a one-week workshop. During that week, they are guided by local mentors who are trained in the design thinking process in advance and are also taught how to coach the students. Anyone who wants to make a contribution to this multicultural, interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge may do so – no matter whether they are employees of a company, an NGO, a university etc. The local Impact Weeks are organized by a network of volunteers from Germany and several partner countries.

Thanks to an initiative by our students Stina Kozok (International Brand Communication M.A.) and Sina Marleen Petersen (Brand Design B.A. with focus on Communication Design), their fellow students and interested external guests already had a chance to learn more about Impact Week as part of a guest lecture by Impact Week Co-Founder Michael Hübl at Brand Academy in January 2018.

Needless to say, both students are excited about the award. Still, they had already decided to intensify their involvement in Impact Week long before they received the good news: While Sina Petersen has taken the organizational lead for this year’s Impact Week India, Stina Kozok has been busy developing a brand strategy and managing all social media channels as well as the relaunch of Impact Week’s website and corporate design with the kind support of agency .muse49.

We can only declare ourselves impressed by Sina’s and Stina’s level of involvement in this good cause. We wish them – and Impact Week as a whole – much success for the future!

Rewarded Students

Sina Marleen Petersen
Brand Design B.A.
Communication Design

Stina Kozok
International Brand
Communication M.A.