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Master Workshop „My Innovation. My Brand.“ – June 2020

On 27 and 28 June 2020, the first online edition of the Master Workshop "My innovation. My brand." took place at Brand University. Prospective students from all over the world joined in live via zoom in order to explore their entrepreneurial spirit during the workshop weekend and to get first insights into the master course Brand Innovation. Under the direction of BU Alumni David Dumont … Mehr

Master Workshop „My Innovation. My Brand.“ – January 2020

On January 25th, 2020, the motto at Brand University was once again: "My innovation. My brand." In the Master Workshop prospective students had the chance to put their entrepreneurial spirit to the test. Our independent lecturer Stefanie Mager and her colleague David Dumont gave them first insights into the master's course Brand Innovation. Stefanie and David, themselves BU Master graduates, gave the participants of the … Mehr
Brand Management Workshop August 2019

Brand Management Workshop “Brand Boot Camp” – Review August 2019

Brand Management Workshop "Brand Boot Camp" – Review August 2019 How does it feel to study Brand Management? Ten prospective students had the chance to find an answer to this question at the "Brand Boot Camp" workshop on August 17, 2019. They spent a day exploring the brand world and gaining an impression of the studies at the Brand Academy. Under the direction of Benjamin … Mehr
Master-Workshop Beitragsbild

Master Workshop “My Innovation. My Brand.” – Review 2019

Master Workshop "My Innovation. My Brand." - Review 2019 On 15 June 2019, the Brand Academy workshop "My Innovation. My Brand." took place for the second time. The Master workshop gave prospective students the opportunity to let their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity run free. Under the guidance of our independent lecturer Stefanie Mager and her colleague David Dumont, they gained first insights into the Master's … Mehr

Impact Week Receives Award – Participating BA Students are delighted

The Impact Week project “Workshop for Ideas in Developing Countries and Emerging Economies“ is one of the 100 innovative winners of the “Excellent Places in the Land of Ideas“ competition 2018. Following this year’s motto „Connecting Worlds – Strengthening Cohesion“, the project demonstrates how experimentation, curiosity and courage to rethink development aid can foster innovations in developing and threshold countries. The „Germany – Land of … Mehr

How to Create Strong Personalities – Brand Academy, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai and St. Mary’s University Conduct 1st Teaching & Learning Workshop

Towards the end of 2017, Brand Academy joined its partner university Beijing Normal University of Zhuhai (BNUZ), China and St. Mary’s University of Halifax, Canada for a 1st joint Teaching and Learning Workshop. In its course, they shared experiences and best practices on how to leverage the full potential and power of the university triangle from China, Canada and Germany. A passion for educating cross-cultural … Mehr

Sinus-Meta-Milieu Workshop @ Brand Academy

On December 6th, our International Brand Communication (IBC) Master’s students had a rare chance to learn about the importance and possibilities of qualitative target group segmentation in international strategic media planning.     As part of a so-called Sinus-Meta-Milieu Workshop, Dr. James Edwards (Sinus Berlin) and Matthias Arnold (Sinus Heidelberg) elaborated on the similarities and regional differences of milieus in European countries. As an added … Mehr