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DDC | Morning Break visits the Brand Academy

On friday morning, a visit of the German Designer Club (DDC) showed once again, that a university is not just a place where students gather, but also where practicioners get together for exciting lectures.

The DDC invited its members on May 10th to the “DDC Morning Break” in Hamburg at the Brand Academy – a premiere! Interested designers and also our students seized the opportunity to network over coffee and breakfast snacks.

DDC Morning Break Frühstück DDC Morning Break Frühstück

As the first coffee cups emptied, Olaf Stein, DDC Director Hamburg, and host Prof. Ansgar Eidens gave an introductory speech, leading to Marco Collavo’s impulse lecture. As Director of Design and Product Development for the Fielmann AG, he develops and is responsible for their entire eyewear collection.

DDC Morning Break Vortrag MArco Collavo DDC Morning Break Vortrag MArco Collavo

The Italian not only told his colleagues how he found his way from law school to eyewear design, but also explained in his lecture how the development of the eyewear collections at Fielmann proceeds.
It’s a lengthy process from prototype to production. Marco Collavo therefore already knows exactly which glasses we will be wearing in 2021.

A question that could not be missed at Brand Academy in the subsequent discussion: What’s the difference between working for an in-house label like Fielmann’s and working for a major fashion brand?
At Fielmann, states the designer, you can work freely and be more creative. The reason is that the products do not have to fit into the overall image of a brand.

Olaf Stein, Marco Collavo, Prof. Ansgar Eidens

We thank the DDC and its members for visiting the Brand Academy. Of course, we would also like to thank Marco Collavo for the exciting input to start into friday.