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Studying with people from different cultures – How does it feel? 8 Master’s students share their views

Students from 23 different nations have made their way to Hamburg, Germany and are currently studying at Brand Academy. We have asked a few of them…

…studying with people from different cultures at Brand Academy – How does it feel?

I really like studying with people from different places. For example, last week we had a workshop and for the first time we cooperated with International Brand Communication students from China. It was interesting to see their approaches to problems and the way they come up with ideas – it was completely different from how I would think or see the world. As a result, you get a bunch of different perspectives on how to tackle the problem at hand.
Josh Kongmany, USA, 3rd semester International Brand Communication M.A.

BA is a truly international university because you will find a lot of students from East and West, North and South. It’s very interesting to encounter all those different perspectives and different ways of thinking.
Mina Kardi, Iran, 3rd semester International Brand Management M.A.

I think it’s great because you learn so many things about people that you would never have learned otherwise. Saying that you’re cosmopolitan because you travel a lot or eat different cuisines is easy. However, studying with people from all parts of the world and solving problems together with them makes you understand them on a deeper level. It really changes your perception.
Nikita Ashok, India, 1st semester International Brand Management M.A.

It opens your mind and makes you aware. On my side of the globe we are very Latin and we have a fairly good idea of what Europeans are like, but to live here and to meet people from places like Asia is different and wonderful. During my studies I have I realized that respect for others is the most important thing because in the end you don’t know what people from other cultures really think. That’s why we must always keep an open mind.
Ana Maria Bernal, Colombia, 3rd semester International Brand Communication M.A.

I have travelled a lot and I love cultural diversity. That’s one of the reasons why I came to BA. I knew that I was going to enter an international environment. I simply cannot stay with same group of people with the same cultural background for too long because it gets boring and poses no challenge for me. Dealing with different cultures makes you strong in so many ways. For example, I can’t remember the last time I was intimidated by talking to someone. I can talk with anybody, anytime, just put me in front of the person and watch me go. It builds up your character.
Salma El Malik, Morocco, 1st semester International Brand Management M.A.

I really like diversity and here at BA we learn more about it every day. I already have a good idea what to expect when I meet people from other cultures and that knowledge gives me confidence. It also helps to see the beauty of their cultures. In the end you realize that everyone is beautiful.
Rose Zvarivadza, Zimbabwe, 1st semester International Brand Management M.A.

Diversity was one of the main reasons why I chose BA. We can talk all we want about cultures and countries and globalization, but we need to experience them. It is important not only for a career in the business world, but also for building character. It drives you out of your comfort zone and enriches your life. The chance to meet so many different cultures is one thing that makes BA special because we are not only learning in the classroom, we also learn from the people we are in touch with. Sometimes I feel that it is easier to have relationships with people from the same culture. Understanding different cultures and respecting them is difficult sometimes, but in the end I enjoy growing together in a friendly and peaceful environment.
Mariah Barone, Brazil, 1st semester International Brand Communication M.A.

I think cultural diversity is one of the gems you can find at Brand Academy. You get to see and understand how foreign countries work, how their markets work, and how products need to be branded differently on different continents – because you can experience it firsthand from your classmates who come from all over the world. If not at BA, there are probably cultures you would otherwise never experience. Of course, interacting with different cultures is also challenging: We speak different languages, we have different beliefs, we have different ways of behaving, and so on. But it’s a good challenge because it involves getting to know people, making new friends and building relationships. You have to be careful, though. It’s important to take your time to understand the differences between the cultures.
Laura Malaver, Colombia, 1st semester International Brand Communication M.A.