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Spotlight on: Vanessa Vierow, Alumna Brand Design B.A.

Vanessa Vierow

Graduation Date: 
April 2016

Study Programme: 
Brand Design B.A.

Titel of Thesis:
Brand Communication in the Health Industry: Building a Trustworthy Brand at the Example of a Rehabilitation Clinic

Hi Vanessa, what have you been up to since your graduation from Brand Academy?
After my graduation, I went straight for a job and was able to gather a whole year of valuable work experience in the design department of Superunion (formerly Brand Union). Mid last year the agency added innovation management to its portfolio of services – and I was thrilled about it from day one. Since my studies at BA included a high portion of strategy, I was able to face the exciting challenges our agency’s new service offering poses.

Where do your work now and what are your tasks?
At the moment my title is Strategy Trainee and I still support Superunion’s innovation management department. Among other things, my responsibilities encompass trend research, qualitative insights, brand strategy, the conceptualization and implementation of workshops and the holistic management of international projects. My experiences in the field of design help me view those projects from a different perspective.

What’s your greatest challenge at work?
Peoples’ day to day lives keep changing, and more and more quickly at that. I am keen on understanding what’s driving society and where it’s heading. The key challenge is to know today what will be relevant tomorrow.

What do you like about your job?
I’m a very curious person and my job is all about discovering new patterns of behaviour and causal relationships. To me, that never gets old.

What are your plans for the future?
Collect as many experiences as I can!

Do you have any advice for prospect students or first semesters?
Keep leaving your comfort zone, always be ready to jump into the deep end and try everything at least once!