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ADC Award 2021 – BU students take on the role of the jury

At the beginning of May 2021, it was time again: The Art Directors Club (ADC) presented the prestigious “Nails” as awards in the annual design competition.

Also present: design students from Brand University. Already last year, our students were given exclusive access to the ADC voting system so that they could slip into the role of jurors themselves.

This year again, our 4th semester Brand Design in the Transmedia Storytelling seminar had the chance to experience the design competition from a jury perspective. Part of the course met on campus for the voting, the other students were connected live.

Together with Prof. Michael Jonas and lecturer Joachim Kortlepel, the students judged the “Brand Campaigns” category using the official ADC evaluation criteria.

The evaluation process was more time-consuming than expected because there was a lively discussion. “It was nice to see how different the opinions were on certain campaigns,” said student Alexander Hamlescher. “I noticed how every criticism and every positive opinion became strong arguments that contributed to a common position in the discussion.”

Student Lea Lindau also talks enthusiastically about her experience: “My impression of the day was, as expected, very positive. Joachim and Michael, thanks to their experience and expertise, introduced us to the ‘ADC world and explained the system to us. This allowed us to spend the day having a dynamic discussion and eliciting and ranking the nominated cases.”

Finally, it got exciting again, because at the end of the session, the official decision of the ADC was announced. So, the students could compare their voting with that of the real jury.