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Guest students from Ningbo at Brand Academy

On March 25th, Brand Academy welcomed the first group of guest students from Zhejiang Wanli University this year. A total of 13 students and one teacher from the Faculty of Architecture and Design came to visit.

During their four-week stay with a variety of activities, the students experienced new teaching and learning methods. They were impressed by the European, humanistic and historical peculiarities of society and daily life in Germany. Observations with which they could thus sharpen their intercultural sensitivity.

The greatest highlights of the study trip included a dinner at Hamburg harbour and a meeting with Mr. von Gerkan, the world-renowned architect from Germany.

Followed by an event on international architecture workshops, organised by the gmp architecture office especially for the Wanli Group. It provided great inspiration for the students, as they are about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree and will soon be starting their careers.

We are delighted about the successful graduation of all 13 students. We wish them a bright future for their further development!

And the Brand Academy is already looking forward to the next group of guest students from Ningbo in May…