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British American Tobacco

The end of June saw a case study on the subject of Innovation Management as part of the Brand Management course.

Assisted by Michael Peter and Hans Meuers, both experienced marketing managers at British-American Tobacco, participants began by acquainting themselves with the actual situation in the tobacco industry.
They then took a look at the challenges facing market research, product development and brand management.

This resulted in a genuinely pioneering brand idea. The pilot workshop was held over three double-periods and demanded that the Bachelor’s students show initiative, creativity and management skills.

As well as the content of the case study, the trainee marketers were able to test their presentation abilities and obtain qualitative feedback. This integrative workshop will be repeated next semester because it was so well received by the practical partner and students.

Module | Innovation Management
Lecturer  | Prof. Dr. Christian Duncker
Semester | 4th Semester