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Another team of students designed an internal branding strategy for Villeroy & Boch AG (Mettlach) and its ‘Table Culture’ business unit. The overall aim was to create a strong brand identity which could be understood and embodied by everyone working at the unit.

The students held their final presentation in the presence of the practical partner Villeroy & Boch on 22.06.2012.

Only by creating a strong brand identity shared by all employees can we project a strong brand image among the relevant consumers. This involves adhering to a number of internal design guidelines and – especially – limits”, explained student Lisa Fischbeck.

Florian Bausch (Head of Product Management & Product Development at Villeroy & Boch) and his colleague Barbara Ditzler (HR) were impressed: Together with the Brand University of Applied Sciences, Villeroy & Boch was able to conduct a stimulating project on the subject of internal branding. The students showed great interest and were allowed to participate intimately in the practical side of things, which allowed them to produce, from a generic briefing, a lively concept paper which not only illustrated the current situation perfectly, but pointed out new ways of doing things with many good ideas we have never employed before. We would very much like to try to implement several of the very best of these soon and to integrate them into our other areas, such as the question of how the brand is understood when surveying staff. We are very grateful for the students’ involvement and we hope very much that there will be more collaboration in the future.”


Module |  Identity-Oriented Branding
Lecturers | Ute Röseler, Prof. Dr. Christian Duncker
Semester | 3rd Semester