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How can we get hairdressers to actively sell Schwarzkopf Professional products in their salons, especially since they consider themselves creative artists rather than salespeople?

That was the question posed by Schwarzkopf Professional.
The answer is to employ a strong brand and marketing which is both relevant and differentiating. To achieve precisely that, students at the Brand University of Applied Sciences, as part of the Brand Management course, developed a marketing strategy for the BC Bonacure care and styling series and developed ideas about how to present the brand to others.
This was done for the first time together with students of Design Factory International; the latest interdisciplinary practical project is therefore further proof of our far-reaching interdisciplinary collaboration between managers and designers.

Module | Interdisciplinary practical project
Lecturers | Prof. Dr. Joachim Bongard, Michael Hoinkes
Semester | 5th Semester