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Icy Box

Since the winter semester 2019/20, Brand University and the company RaidSonic Technology GmbH have been working together on different projects for the brand Icy Box. With this brand, the technology manufacturer offers data storage solutions and multimedia equipment. The brand is particularly well-known for its docking stations.

The starting point for the collaboration was a practical project in the Brand Design bachelor programme to redesign the visual appearance of Icy Box and for the subsequent conception of new communication measures.

The students worked on the practical implementation of the project under the supervision of Prof. Ansgar Eidens in the modules Corporate Design (3rd semester) and Transmedia Storytelling (4th semester).

The collaboration between the Brand University and RaidSonic will now continue in the winter semester 2020/21.

In the course of the new brand design of Icy Box, the company will also appear with a newly designed website. This is being examined as part of a research project led by Prof. Dr. Yonca Limon-Calisan in the Brand Research Lab.

Eye-tracking, facial expression recognition and mouse-tracking technologies are being used for the website testing. The aim of the study is to find out where users spend time on the website, how quickly they find important elements, what emotions the user journey triggers and what need for optimisation arises from this.

The project is currently in the data collection phase.
As we are committed to the principle of “open research” at the Brand University, you will receive a detailed insight into the study in the study plan.

Key Facts

  • Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Yonca Limon-Calisan, Prof. Ansgar Eidens
  • Context: Brand Research Lab, Brand Design

Research Methods

  • Website Testing (Eye-Tracking, Facial Expression Recognition, Mouse-Tracking)
  • Quantitative survey