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Prof. Dr. h. c. Shan Fan becomes Honorary President of the Institute of Brand Science

Last weekend, Prof. Dr. h. c. Shan Fan, President of Brand University, was appointed Honorary President and Associate Professor of the newly founded Institute of Brand Science at Zehjiang Wanli University (ZWU).

The research centre was founded by the Sino-German Institute of Design and Communication at ZWU. Its goal is to further promote brand science and research as a scientific discipline with a research team of brand experts. Brand University is supporting the project in close collaboration as a cooperation partner for joint research projects.

At a festive ceremony with high-ranking guests from ZWU, teachers and students, Ying Min, President of Zhejiang Wanli University, presented Prof. Dr. h. c. Shan Fan with the certificate of appointment. As Honorary Director of the new research centre, he was also appointed Associate Professor of the new institution.

In his inaugural speech on the future of the brand in a post-pandemic era, Prof. Dr. h. c. Shan Fan emphasised the central role of intercultural exchange and spoke about the significance of brands in Chinese as well as Western culture.

We are pleased about the founding of the Institute for Brand Science and congratulate our university president on his appointment as honorary president and associate professor. We look forward to joint, future-oriented research projects in the young discipline of brand science, in which there is still much to discover!