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New cooperation with Northwestern Polytechnical University

Brand University welcomes a new cooperation partner for the Master’s programme Brand Innovation! Together with Northwestern Polytechnical University, we will further develop the focus on Design & Innovation in the future.

The university in Xi’an, China, unites diverse faculties and research disciplines. Its focus is on the development of teaching and research in aerospace and navigation technology. The renowned Northwestern Polytechnical University is one of the most important universities in China and is known worldwide for the quality of its teaching, high research capacities and the contributions it makes to international scientific discourse and technological progress.

Brand University and Northwestern Polytechnical University are very different in their scientific orientation, which makes for an exciting partnership. But common ties also enrich the cooperation. Our two universities share the educational philosophy of “interversity”, which focuses on the exchange between teachers and students as well as interdisciplinary work.

The focus of the project is on the further development of the Design & Innovation Master’s specialisation. On the one hand, the BU’s brand know-how is integrated, on the other hand, the technological knowledge from the NWPU’s industrial design course. This combination of brand knowledge and technological innovation in the design context broadens the perspective that we convey to aspiring designers in the Master’s programme.

In the curriculum, the interplay of both topics is reflected, for example, in modules such as user experience, service design, digital industrial and brand design, brand thinking and design innovation as well as AI optimisation design and AI simulation analyses.

In the future, the cooperation will bring students from China to Hamburg, and Master’s students from the Brand University will have the opportunity to spend semesters abroad at the NWPU, close to Shanghai, an industrial location of particular importance for Germany.

With the successful completion of the approval process by the German and Chinese education authorities, it is our great pleasure to announce the cooperation!