Soup Master Final Presentation

26th October 2019

Today is the day of the final presentations. All groups today presented their results of the last three weeks to the professors, lecturers and companies. In this article I would like to give you a little insight into the work of our team.

Since we regularly went to our agency Reesaw to get feedback for our interim results and to discuss further steps, none of us is nervous. In the last weeks a kind of routine has been established and we are happy to finally present our results.

The biggest challenge in the project work has actually been the language and communication in general. We rely on our Chinese group members to share our thoughts and ideas with the agency, as English doesn’t really get us anywhere – especially when it comes to technical vocabulary.

Another problem was the basic understanding of strategy. Our approach to such a project is based on a clear strategic thread. Before we even think about the design, we spend days defining and understanding the brand, analysing and knowing the market environment, the competitors and especially our target group. We do not decide how to approach the visualizations according to our feeling, but plan everything down to the last detail.

Our Chinese group members were full of creative ideas in our first meeting. It was therefore all the more difficult for us to make clear to them that although this creativity is exactly what we need, it is not the right thing to do at this point.

After we had a strategic plan, we could start designing. We learned a lot about Chinese characters and Chinese colour understanding. Even though it wasn’t easy to reconcile Western and Asian design ideas, we’re all satisfied with our results.

At the end of our presentations, we all proudly held our final certificates, which were presented to us by the President of Wanli University. We have all done a good job and our practice partners, professors and lecturers are very satisfied. Three exciting but also exhausting weeks of intensive project work lie behind us!

Jennifer Leewis

Jennifer Leewis

Brand Design B.A.
5. Semester