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Wempe is one of the most modern and innovative family companies in Europe and one of the most important retail partners of major brands in the luxury sector. It offers high-luxury brands such as Rolex and specialized in the production of high-quality watches and valuable jewelries. Headquartered in Hamburg, Wempe has about 36 locations globally.

Our International Brand Management Master’s students participated to the first joint practice project between Brand University of Applied Sciences and Wempe within the scope of the module “Luxury Goods”, supervised by Prof. Simone Roth.

For three months, students worked in small groups focusing on the following task: Online shops of luxury jewelry retailer – a comparative and experience-oriented analysis of:

  • conversion-oriented user experience of online shops of luxury jewelry and
  • innovative marketing of online shops of luxury jewelry and
  • strategy implications for the company Wempe.

Students presented their results in the headquarters of the brand to a jury consisting of the University professor, the digital marketing department as well as the HR responsible. The demonstrated recommendations were approved and will be considered by the company accordingly.

Module | Luxury Goods
Lecturer | Prof. Simone Roth
Semester | 2nd Semester IBM

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