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Commissioned research by a regional beverage producer

Sport and thirst have always belonged together – so it is very fitting that a beverage manufacturer should sponsor sports. But what is the perception of such sponsorship? How does the appearance at sports events affect the brand’s image?

A regional beverage manufacturer turned to Brand University with these questions in order to obtain scientifically sound insights into its sponsorship.

For an accurate picture of the situation, Prof. Dr. Sven Christiansen, head of the research project, visited the company at its location for the kick-off of the project. Together with the management, several business-related questions were discussed in order to derive three relevant tasks for a descriptive study:

  • (Unaided) survey of image and sponsor perception of the client at accompanied sports events.
  • Survey of important (perceived) criteria in the selection of a sports drink.
  • Pre-testing on the perceived value of alternative bottle designs.

The conceptualisation of the research design determined, among other things, the structure of the questionnaire, the use of suitable (measurement) constructs, the location and selection mode of appropriate target persons for the survey, the size of the sample as well as the selection of further processing and evaluation tools.

The primary data collection took place over several months on site, at sports events selected by the client, through (n = 905) face-to-face interviews based on standardised questionnaires.

The results of the descriptive data analysis were discussed with the client in a presentation and finally handed over with the resulting recommendations for further work.

Thank you very much for the cooperation!

Key Facts

  • Project: Perception of a regional beverage brand in the context of its sports sponsorship
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sven Christiansen

Reserach Method

  • Standardised survey
  • Descriptive data analysis