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Kolorit-Coloured Sound

This Bachelor´s thesis deals with the subject of dynamic brand design und describes how brands can ensure the increasing publicity, recognition and high level of transparency for the customer through the purposeful use of flexible and dynamic variations within one trademark and all the creative basis elements of the communication measures. All of the topic content was exemplified on a fictional, generative and audiovisual brand communication.  

Student | Robert Steiman
Module | Bachelor-Thesis
Lecturer | Torsten Weisheit 

Semestre | 6th Semester
Awards| Nominated for Corporate Design Preis 2015
Nominated for German Brand Award 2016

JCDP_2015_Nominee_web             GDA2016Nominee_HP

The objective of the design project

Music and sound design is one of the tools of the brand communication that let us experience and feel the content of the brand. The visual and acoustic contents were often combined but never linked directly to the brand identity… Therefore, the fictional brand identity was created with its´ Naming, Slogan, Values and Content Positioning, and then was realized in communication disciplines Stationary Design, Digital, Web, Packaging, Brand Spaces and Out of Home in a form of a dynamic generative brand design.

The brand was developed for audio and Hifi industry and linked the emotional and acoustic levels of perception with experience-oriented brand communication. The technical implementation effected through generative integration of the logo.  The logo delivers the authentic translation of the frequency range and the volume of the sound design in different color values and dimensions. The display is enable in real time and offers a broad range of individual solutions.

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