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No brand has ever described our utter inability to abstain from eating more than one potato chip better than Pringles: “Once you pop, you can’t stop“ is the famous slogan that’s been stuck in many heads for many years now.

Unsurprisingly, it is still in frequent use, though other slogans such as “Once you pop, the fun don’t stop“ and, most recently, “You don’t just eat ’em” have already taken the center stage in numerous markets.

But it’s not „just“ Pringles’ communications that stand out: There is also the brand’s signature tubular packaging and its adventurous approach to new flavors – just to mention a few other characteristics that contribute to the amazing success of this global brand.

Needless to say, Brand University of Applied Sciences is very proud to welcome Pringles as a new partner!

While Pringles would make for a true feast for all Brand Academy students, be they focused on brand design, brand management or brand communications, the lucky ones are our 2nd semester International Brand Management Master’s students. They have been challenged to develop ideas for specific areas of the Pringles brand as part of their module International Product Development“, taught by Ms Franziska Schmiedebach-Ullner.

While the introduction of the practice project happened yesterday, the official kick off at Brand Academy will take place in April. In the final step, the students will present their findings to Pringles. We have no doubt that they… won’t stop… before our partner is impressed.

Modul | International Product Development
Leitung | Franziska Schmiedebach-Ullner
Semester | 2nd Semester IBM