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Plug and Play

Plug and Play is one of the world’s largest innovation platforms. Headquartered in Silicon Valley and with 50 international locations – one of which is in Hamburg – the company drives the innovation industry forward. As a service provider, Plug and Play brings together startups and corporations from a wide range of sectors for collaborations in which they combine their know-how to develop and implement new technologies.

In addition to collaborations between startups and established companies, collaboration between corporations and corporations is also becoming increasingly important. To find out how Plug and Play can further expand its activities in this area became the task for the students in the 5th semester Brand Management.

Under the guidance of lecturer Claudia Tobis, they combined their knowledge and methodological skills in multiple teams in the “Services Marketing” seminar to take on the challenge of this complex project. The main contact person at Plug and Play was Monika Brauers, Senior Partnerships Manager and Brand University alumna.

In the first step, the students conducted a situation analysis. From the findings, they derived a strategy and developed detailed proposals for concepts that could create a framework for collaborations between corporations from different industries and locations in Germany.

At the final presentation at Plug and Play’s Hamburg headquarters, the students convinced the practice partner with their clear analyses and the elaboration of their creative ideas. Monika Brauers: “I was very pleased to be able to sit on the other side, as a practice partner, after my studies at the Brand University. The students really made progress in the course of the project, and were able to get deeper and deeper into Plug and Play with all its facets. At the final presentation, there were some exciting approaches and new ideas that you rarely come up with yourself in your stressful day-to-day work.”

We would like to thank Plug and Play for the successful cooperation in a project that showed our students the special requirements of service marketing and brought the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley to Hamburg.

Key Facts

  • Module: Service Marketing
  • Lecturer: Claudia Tobis
  • Semester: 5th Semester Brand Management