“Melio” is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application tailored to the university context. On the one hand, it creates a blended learning experience, on the other hand, an organizational platform. The main focus of the product is to digitally complement face-to-face classes or student self-management. The student can manage almost all his daily processes concerning his studies via the application.

The idea for his bachelor’s thesis in Brand Design came to Thorge Wandrei while he was looking at the current digital infrastructure at German educational institutions. The “blended learning” platform addresses the three central questions: “How is the ideal learning management system structured?”, “What contribution can design make?” and “How does a modern learning process work?”

Student | Thorge Wandrei
Module | Bachelorthesis
Lecturer | Alexander Lehmann, Prof. Michael Jonas
Semester | 6th Semester Brand Design