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Mercedes-Benz Typography

The 2nd semester Brand Design got to know the font classifications according to DIN16518 in the module Typography & Publishing under the direction of Torsten Weisheit. At first, this sounded very abstract, but in the seminar it quickly became tangible. Using a logo of their choice, the students examined how different fonts can appear in the context of a brand.

Jan Pischke opted for Mercedes-Benz as an example and showed on a specially programmed website what impression ten different fonts – from the “Baroque Antiqua” to the “Linear Antiqua Sans Serif” – could have on the brand’s website. Which fonts appear trustworthy and quality-conscious? Which fonts have a technical character? And which ones seem too playful for the car brand?

The complete live version of the website is available at:

A foretaste is given here: “Baroque Antiqua” and “Linear Antiqua Sans Serif” for comparison.

Student | Jan Pischke
Module | Typography & Publishing,
Lecturer | Torsten Weisheit
Semester | 2nd Semester Brand Design