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In the 4th term of the International Brand Management master’s study programme, our students work independently on a practical transfer project.

As a part of a transfer project students work for 6 up to 8 weeks in a close cooperation with an internationally operating brand company on a real-life problem.
During this independent work students develop awareness for brand-specific problem areas and work out initial international solution concepts.

We are more than happy to have among our practice transfer project partners William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd.
Two our master’s students, Stefanie Stratman and Kai Krakat, work on the conceptual and execution ideas to further foster the luxury image of the whisky brand Glenfiddich in Germany.
Glenfiddich belongs to the products of William Grant & Sons Ltd. and is one of world’s best-selling single-malt whisky, which is considered to be one of the most awarded at the International Spirits Challenge.


The work on the project started with the kick-off meeting at the Brand University of Applied Sciences, where Florian Mayer, the senior marketing manager Northern Europe by William Grant & Sons Ltd., introduced the product and the task for the students. One part of the briefing was an exciting tasting tour around the world of whisky.

The results of the students’ works will be presented in front of the marketing department of the company.

Modul | Practice Transfer Project
Lecturer | Prof. Dr. Simone Roth
Semester | 4. Semester