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As part of the course Sales Policy, the students of our 5th semester were invited by CEWE as part of a practical project cooperation to examine the multi-channel sales of CEWE MYPHOTOS and to work out success factors for the further expansion of the photo cloud.

After an intensive analysis, a look over the shoulder, a consumer survey and a conception phase, the final presentation of the results took place.

Topic: Success factors for channel excellence in online sales and cross-channel management in the expansion of CEWE MYPHOTOS

Our conclusion: CEWE MYPHOTOS is the right step from CEWE in the direction of future-proof no-line sales, where the boundaries between online and offline purchase preparation and conclusion of purchase disappear. We see high growth potential in various target groups.

Isabelle Naasz, one of the participating students, draws the following personal conclusion: “Working on the topic was a lot of fun and helped me to better understand the scientific connections. The opportunity to develop and present own approaches and perspectives was a great experience for our seminar group”.

And this is how Arno Möller, Senior Project Manager and Business Development Manager eCommerce CEWE, summed it up: “CEWE would like to use such projects to give marketing students the opportunity to try out their theoretical knowledge in practice and to contribute their creativity and ideas. This collaboration with the Brand Academy has provided us with valuable insights into the strategy as well as conceptual improvement suggestions for product, multichannel sales and communication”.

CEWE about itself
We are Europe’s leading photo service and successful provider in the field of commercial online printing. In addition to innovation and the joy of photography, we focus on trusting professionalism in all areas. With our branded products and a variety of photo gifts, we offer a wide and high-quality range of photofinishing products. With the CEWE RETAIL we offer our customers multi-channel concepts in the form of stationary shops and online shops.

Module | Pricing policy, sales policy and Innovation Management
Lecturer |
René Heß
Semester | 5th Brand Management